When Student Data Analysis works for you

Gradeset transforms realtime student data from your school’s MIS into easy to read, quality reports  including  Attainment, Assessment, Progress and Behaviour using flexible data views that are tailor made to fit your schools requirements enabling you to make data driven decisions that impact on learning to improve student outcomes leaving you time to also focus on your other goals.

How It Works

Are you challenged with producing accurate and time saving reports of student data?

If you are a Senior Leader, Data Manager, Teacher, SEND Leader or Multi Academy Trust, Gradeset Tools can provide detailed, tailored data views, in realtime, by combining different data types, including, Attainment, Attendance, Behaviour and Progress and deliver them in various media methods.  We support the most popular MIS’ including iSAMS, SIMS, CMIS, Bromcom, and Integris.  Exam programmes covered are IGCSE, GCSE and IB.

Here’s how it works……

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Who's It For?

International Schools
Independent Schools
Multi Academy Trusts
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Special Schools
UK State Secondary
UK State Primary

Love GradeSet because they can build customised data views quickly in realtime from their MIS Read more..

Love GradeSet because they have a system that all school colleagues can connect to for data analysis, all in one place. Read more..

Love GradeSet because they can drop and drag data objects that can be positioned to build comprehensive tailor made data reports in realtime. Read more..

Love GradeSet because of the ability to set up realtime data analysis for all students relating to behaviour and attendance and having linkage to attainment. Read more..

Love GradeSet because they have less paperwork and automated reports.        Read more..

Love GradeSet because they can aggregate data from all schools in the Trust or Group. Read more..

Love GradeSet because they have well designed, clear data analysis reports that are simple to understand and informs them of any issues that may need to be attended to. Read more..

Love GradeSet because they have the ability to have multiple curriculum SEND pathways for each student, together with multiple context statements. Read more..

What our schools think of Gradeset

“All teachers will tell you that their most precious resource is TIME. Like most schools we are data rich. Our problem was the time taken to access and analyse assessment data from our Information Management System, and the level of expertise required to do this. Now we have a tool that analyses and graphically presents this data in a format that our teachers can use in realtime. The simple colour-coded ‘drag and drop’ interface of the Grade Vision module allows our users to quickly build sophisticated and highly customisable reports within minutes. Templates can be applied to multiple subjects with the click of a button and distributed using the Grade Presenter to colleagues via email and/or a webpage for their feedback.  We now have a product that gives the teacher the information they need to make real-time data driven decisions that have a positive impact on the learner; it also saves the teacher TIME!”

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