Corporate Application

Organise and Aggregate student data from Early Years through to the end of Secondary School (High School) from all your Schools in your Group

The future of Student data Reporting

Aggregate all your student data from all your schools in one place in real time

Is your organisation finding it almost impossible to collect all your school’s data in one place that is up to date so that you can analysis the data of each school against the other schools?

The GradeSet Corporate Application tool can collate data from each of your schools in your group and produce accurate, fast and amazing reports in real time.
GradeSet extract date from a variety of school's MIS' including iSAMS, SIMS, CMIS, BROMCOM, Integris.

GradeSet analysis tools enable Corporate Organisations that run a group of schools to:-

Custom Build Data Analysis

to fit assessment requirements

Assess the performance of Schools

by automatically aggregating data from each school within the Trust directly from their MIS

Produce data that is reliable and accurate

Data can be moved, Organised and Analysed

to enable you to assess each School's data in an easy to use format.

How the System Works using the Grade Vision Module

Data analysis at the Corporate level is produced in the Grade Vision Module.  This tool allows the Organisation to customise reports and group the data by any column or combination of columns.

The Grade Vision Tools can provide your Organisation with:

Discover what the Gradeset Modules can do for your schools and Corporation

Grade Vision DT 1.3
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Capture
Homework v1
Seating Plan 1.1
Seating Plan
Grade Vision v1
Grade Vision Web
Connectivity v1.1
Grade Connector

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