Produce custom Made Data Views
in Realtime, straight from your MIS that are
accurate and fast

Data Managers

Man-1-v1.1 100x100 T

Love GradeSet because:-

  • Drop and drag data object that can be positioned to build comprehensive tailor made data reports.
  • Pre built data reports which can be amended as required.
  • Display your data views using Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Scatter Graphs and Venn Diagrams.
  • Flexible tools allow the busy data manager to produce sophisticated, custom made data to meet the needs of the senior or middle leaders
  • Able to get all the school data in one place.
  • Saves time to allow time spent on other projects
  • Produce accurate reports time and time again.
  • Gradeset support and onboarding is excellent.

GradeSet Modules Appropriate to this Role

Grade Vision DT 1.1
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Capture
Grade Vision Web
Connectivity v1.1
Grade Connector

Other Colleagues..........

Lady-1 v1.1 100x100 T
Senior Leaders
Lady-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Middle Leaders
Lady-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Pastoral Managers
Man-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Lady-5-v1.1 100x100 T
MAT Leaders
Man-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Man-3-v1.1 100x100 T
SEND Leaders
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