Questions and answers

Yes we would be more that happy to demo the Gradeset Toolkit.  Please complete the Book A Demo Request form.

The demonstration will be take place online using Zoom to connect with us.  We will send a link to zoom at a convenient time and date that suits you.

We are happy to demonstrate the GradeSet Toolkit in school in the UK.  Special arrangements would be needed to have a demonstration worldwide.

The initial setup and installation of the GradeSet Toolkit can take betweet 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the set up of the school.

GradeSet supports SIMS, iSAMS, Bromcom, CMIS and Engage.

GradeSet supports IGCSE, GCSE, International Baccaluareate (IB), American Curriculum and many others.  

Using the ‘Schedule Manager’ feature, you can import the latest data by running a ‘back dated import’.  This can either be run manually or you can change the automatic import frequency to import as frequently as you would like.  The Schedule Manager allows the user to define what data is imported and how often – we recommend every lesson ie 1 hour.

Yes, whether you would like to import Target, Current or historical data, the GradeSet Toolkit allows you to import as many collections as you would like.

You can store as many data collections as you would like.  You also have the opportunity to rename the collections and assign to specific key stages.

Yes by creating a report in Grade Vision, you will be able to add all the data collections alongside each other to create in-depth analysis.

You can add in as many academic years as you would like.

Unfortunately, we cannot amend the data in the GradeSet toolkit, however you are able to import data directly from your MIS.  You can select and delete data in the toolkit.

The data is stored in a SQL database that is held on a server provided by the school.  The toolkit connects to the school database server and accesses the data.

The GradeSet Toolkit has several calculations pre built in, whether this is the APS, Progress 8 or Value Added, the GradeSet Toolkit can analyse your data with a few simple clicks.  You can build analysis frameworks to show headline figures, year, group, subject, teacher and teaching class analysis.

Using the statements, percentages and calculations columns, the toolkit can create a variety of different calculations to assist with your own internal analysis.

Once your assessment frameworks have been set up, you simply point the toolkit at the correct collection and all the reports change, they can easily be exported and sent to the relevant staff.

Yes, using the publish feature, you can publish a variety of reports to other members of staff using our publish feature.  The reports can publish an exported folder with all the reports and also directly to the teachers account to view on the toolkit and web toolkit.

Yes, there are a number of ways this can be done, however, our most popular is a filter option which can be applied in any report using the ‘Conditions’ feature and also another option called ‘Drill to Students’ if you would like to focus on specific statistics.

On most MIS’ the toolkit is designed to analyse in depth behaviour analysis.  Unfortunately, there is no API key in iSAMS to enable this function to work.

Using either the Grade Presenter or Grade Vision modules you can present a wide variety of tables and charts in report form via documents or spreadsheet data.

Yes, using our Web Toolkit you can log in and access all your reports and view them at any time on any device using Google Chrome.

Using the Grade Presenter Module, you can design customised reports to suit the teacher’s needs.  You can also export the Grade Vision reports into Excel and vary it by subject.

You can contact our customer support team by email or our customer telephone number  020 633 721 or email

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 17.00 pm UK time

Sunday 8.30am – 12.00 midday UK Time

Gradeset is fully compliant with GDPR and you will be sent a processor agreement at the start of your contract and we are registered with ICO in the UK.

We have a bespoke onboarding course which will ensure we cover all aspects of the toolkit.  Depending on your role, we can focus specifically on the toolkit management or focus specifically on creating reports in Grade Vision and Grade Presenter.  The onboarding usually takes between 1 and 3 days per school.