all your data Analysis in one place that can be read and viewed in or out of school

Middle Leaders

Lady-2-v1.1 100x100 T

Love Gradeset because:-

  • One system that all school colleagues can connect to for data analysis, all in one place.
  • Student Data and reports can be read and viewed in or away from school.
  • Visual data using bar charts, pie charts,line graphs and, colour coding shows immediate student progress so that intervention of a student can take place immediately.
  • Confident in the quality of data viewed and reporting. No need to use their own personal pupil trackers.

GradeSet Modules Appropriate to this Role

Grade Vision DT 1.1
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Vision Web

Other Colleagues..........

Lady-1 v1.1 100x100 T
Senior Leaders
Man-1-v1.1 100x100 T
Data Manager
Lady-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Pastoral Managers
Man-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Lady-5-v1.1 100x100 T
MAT Leaders
Man-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Man-3-v1.1 100x100 T
SEND Leaders
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