All the Data Tools You Need
to Produce Fast and Accurate Student Reporting In Realtime

Grade Vision DT 1.3
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Capture
Homework v1
Seating Plan 1.1
Seating Plan
Grade Vision v1
Grade Vision Web
Documents 1.0
Connectivity v1.1
Grade Connector

Grade Vision

Design your own customized student data views in real time with our drag and drop environment which can be saved for use again and again saving so much time.

The Grade Vision module allows data professionals in schools to produce detailed and flexible data views of students in realtime, by combining different data types including progress, attainment, attendance and behaviour. 

  • Data Views can be viewed in a variety of methods, including Web Browser, MS Edexcel, MS Word, or Google Docs.
  • Our easy to use drag and drop environment allows you to build tailored colour coded data views from data that is imported from your MIS in Realtime when you purchase Grade Connector. The templates can be saved to be used again and again. 
  • Alternatively, you can build exciting data views using Grade Vision that are not in real time by importing Data via a template file.
  • You can display your data views using Bar charts, Pie charts, Line graphs, Scatter graphs and Venn diagrams.
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Grade Presenter

Design your own reports of student data easily, and efficiently with our drop and drag feature, save the templates for future use, leaving you time to complete other tasks that need to be completed

The Grade Presenter module enables you to create customised reports for Senior Management, Middle Leaders, Multi Academy Trusts, Governors and SEND Managers.  

It  allows you to create and custom build your reports with a single section or multiple sections by using the drag and drop feature.   Once the report has been designed you can save the template for future use.  You can save as many report templates that you wish.

The graphs and tables, that have been saved in Grade Vision, can be easily imported into any section of a report that you wish to produce using the drop and drag feature.

Once the layout template has been completed you can generate and build the report in Microsoft Word automatically.  The final report can then be sent by email to your colleagues.


Grade Capture

Design your own reports of student data easily, and efficiently with our drop and drag feature, save the templates for future use, leaving you time to complete other tasks that need to be completed

Grade Capture analyses and evaluates attainment, behaviour, attainment and progress of students with Special Educational Needs. 

It enables curriculum management to set up learning pathways with subject definitions and multi-layer statements.

This exciting module is useful for statement learning environments for example Special Educational Needs. Once the environment is configured, teachers are given a web based interface with various levels of control and the ability to enter grades against statements and therefore recording achievements.


Create and schedule Homework when you need it.

The Homework module can save you time by quickly creating, issuing, storing and sharing homework assignments.

  • Create and schedule homework for teaching groups.
  • Save previous homework assignments.
  • Share with colleagues across year groups.
  • Share assignments with, and engage with parents to summarise the day.
  • Modify Homework and issue based on interest groups eg Create homework groups such as Higher Ability in a class.
  • Group Pupils automatically according to teacher selected criteria.
  • Multiple delivery methods from hard copy to email.
  • Attach multiple files to the email.
  • Teaching groups, class lists and data updated automatically from your MIS.
  • Drag and drop students into the Homework module.

Seating Plan

Create classrooms and seating plans with live pupil data directly from your MIS

  • Fully interactive seating plan tool.
  • Teaching groups, class lists, and data updated automatically from your MIS.
  • Drag, drop, and rotate desks to create your own classroom set up.
  • Create multiple layouts for each classroom.
  • Classroom layouts available for all staff to use thus saving time.
  • Drag and drop students into the seating plan.
  • Group pupils automatically according to teacher selected criteria or group randomly.
  • Colour code pupils according to teacher selected criteria.
  • Seating plans available to cover staff.
  • Easily print seating plans with or without data for lesson observation or inspection.

Grade Vision Web

The Grade Vision Web interface provides the school faulty with the ability to see templates that have been published to them in Grade Vision via the internet. This allows all your schools faculty to get their data views anywhere, in school or on the go.


Coming Soon

Teachers will be able to contribute to online electronic documents via the internet that have been produced with live data that has been published to them from Grade Presenter.  They can be asked to contribute to them, comment, and answer questions in relation to a particular document.

Grade Connector

Grade Connector connects Grade Vision to the School MIS to enable the user to gain live data to produce bespoke data views.

It is also used by out Multi Academy Trusts to collect and aggregate all the data that they need to produce reports across all their schools.