GradeSet gives you the ability to have multiple curriculum SEND pathways for each student

SEND Leaders

Man-3-v1.1 100x100 T

Love Gradeset because:

  • Ability to custom build views of their data to match the specific assessment programme of their school.
  • Ability to have multiple curriculum SEND pathways for each student, together with multiple context statements.
  • Data is up to date in realtime, straight from the MIS, if purchased.
  • Ready to use pre prepared data views.
  • Review reports any time or day, even away from school.
  • Confident in the data they present.
  • Visual data using bar charts, pie charts,etc.

GradeSet Modules for SEND Leaders

Grade Vision DT 1.1
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Capture
Grade Vision Web
Connectivity v1.1
Grade Connector

Other Colleagues.........

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Senior Leaders
Lady-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Middle Leaders
Lady-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Pastoral Managers
Man-2-v1.1 100x100 T
MAT Leaders
Man-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Man-1-v1.1 100x100 T
Data Managers
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