Transform Realtime student Data, into Flexible and accurate Data Views and Reports

Senior Leaders

Lady-1 v1.1 100x100 T

Love Gradeset because:

  • Ability to custom build views of their data to match the specific assessment programme of their school.
  • Data is up to date in realtime, straight from the MIS, if purchased.
  • Ready to use pre prepared data views.
  • Review reports any time or day, even away from school.
  • Confident in the data they present.
  • Visual data using bar charts, pie charts,etc.

GradeSet Modules Appropriate to this Role

Grade Vision DT 1.1
Grade Vision
Grade Presenter 1.2
Grade Presenter
Grade Vision Web

Other Colleagues..........

Lady-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Middle Leaders
Man-1-v1.1 100x100 T
Data Manager
Lady-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Pastoral Managers
Man-2-v1.1 100x100 T
Lady-5-v1.1 100x100 T
MAT Leaders
Man-4-v1.1 100x100 T
Man-3-v1.1 100x100 T
SEND Leaders
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